The mission of Param Institute of Education is to be one of the finest providers of training and education in Healthcare industry by providing highly instructional real world education to individuals for a rewarding long term career in industry.

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Our vision is to aspire to be a leading organization which provides training, knowledge, consulting and professional services in the Healthcare industry.

I welcome you to the Param Institute of Education. I congratulate you on selecting the equitable employment oriented educational program, of your choice, in one of the finest vocational education and training Institutes of the New Jersey. You will just explore right of you, by interacting with the range of meaningful academic activities, along with the highly qualified Faculty and other competent students. Our experienced Program Instructors will provide an up-to-date, the state-of-art art education in the field of Healthcare and Information Technology (IT) with the cutting edge advanced training, with the latest equipment and technologies, to develop your hidden talent and the greatest abilities from within. The world-class quality of education and practical experiences which you will receive in our Institute, by exposing you to the knowledge and the skill, inspired to serve as the foundation of your Professional Career and to enrich the quality of life. Thanks for considering Param Institute of Education for enlightening your path of the success and converting your hopes & dreams in to reality.

Vipul Amin
President & CEO
Param Institute of Education (Param Group)

Param Institute of Education (PIE) is a private vocational institute, established in 2009, Iselin New Jersey. The founders of the school are highly educated professionals and prominent community service leaders. The goal of the founders was to assist healthcare industry by training health care professional to fulfill the growing needs of the healthcare services. This encouraged the founder to start career oriented short-term training program for students interested in the field of Healthcare and Healthcare Technology. With this idea in mind, founders envisioned an academic institution, an innovative school to impart quality education in Healthcare.

PIE’s objective is to remain focused to achieve uncompromising success in imparting knowledge and professional skills to students and to ensure that they obtain an excellent career in specialized technical and non-technical fields of study with focus on allied healthcare professions. Our educational philosophy is based on delivering quality education to each and every student. As a school, it is our desire to help students meet their fullest potentials in healthcare industry by providing an environment that is safe, supports risk taking and gain competency in area of study.

We offer high quality advanced training and are unswerving to providing the best training facilities to our students. Our highly qualified instructors are professionals in their field of proficiency. Our instructors strongly promote competencies and job readiness. Our instructors are dedicated to teach effective skills in communication, leadership, professionalism and ethics.

Our goal is to match the speed of technology by providing an up-to-date education on the most advanced equipments and technologies available.

Our efforts will remain focused to achieve uncompromising success in imparting professional skills to our candidates and to ensure that they obtain excellent career.

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