Param Partners with New Jersey County Offices to Boost Healthcare Program Completions

Param’s healthcare training programs are on the rise! In a new initiative designed to address the growing need for qualified healthcare professionals, Param has partnered with county offices across New Jersey. This exciting collaboration aims to increase student enrollment and completion rates in Param’s top-notch healthcare programs.

Why the Partnership?

The healthcare industry is facing a significant workforce shortage. New Jersey, like many states, is experiencing a growing demand for nurses, medical technicians, medical assistants, and other healthcare workers. Param’s healthcare programs offer a direct path to rewarding careers in these critical fields.

What Does the Partnership Entail?

This partnership will see Param working closely with county workforce development offices and social service agencies. These collaborations will focus on:

  • Increased Awareness: Param and county offices will work together to raise awareness of Param’s healthcare programs. This may involve joint informational sessions and even scholarship opportunities.
  • Streamlined Enrollment: The partnership aims to simplify the enrollment process for students seeking to enter Param’s healthcare programs. County agencies may assist with paperwork and guide financial aid options.
  • Supportive Services: County offices can offer additional support services to students throughout their programs.

Benefits for Students

This innovative partnership offers a wealth of benefits for students interested in pursuing healthcare careers:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: Increased awareness and streamlined enrollment procedures make Param’s programs more accessible.
  • Financial Assistance: Collaboration with county agencies can open doors to scholarships and financial aid opportunities, making healthcare education more affordable.
  • Holistic Support: County-provided support services can help students overcome challenges and focus on their studies.

Building a Stronger Healthcare Workforce

By partnering with New Jersey county offices, Param is making a significant contribution to building a stronger healthcare workforce in the state. By increasing student enrollment and completion rates, Param is ensuring a pipeline of qualified professionals ready to serve their communities.

Are you interested in a rewarding career in healthcare? Visit Param’s website today to learn more about our healthcare programs and explore how this new partnership can help you achieve your goals!


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